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We have developed a business link exchange program to connect our clients with other local businesses.  We encourage you to browse these businesses and #shoplocal.  If you are a local business owner, click here.

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For Local Business Owners: Exchanging links is a great way to enhance your own website SEO (search engine optimization) and build your business with new local customers.  If you are as business in Union County and interested in exchanging links, please contact us and request a link.  If it makes sense, we can also list you on our other network sites as well. We simply ask for a link to our website in exchange. Thank you for visiting!


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Darren is a fantastic agent...very kind and very easy to work with. He helped me find a tenant for a condo rental. Very responsive and very helpful. Answers any questions you have at anytime, day or night. He's also going to find every angle to save you money in any transaction and get the most money for your rental or home sale. Can't recommend Darren enough. In a generation of lack luster work ethics, Darren bucks the trend BIG-time! Thank you Darren for everything!

– Jim S. (Cranford) -

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